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Friday, Oh Yea!



Friday, oh yea.


So, what is it about Friday's that just set my world on fire? I mean, I have trudged to work all this week with little to no enthusiasm, then Friday comes and man, I tell you, I like everybody! I feel generous, I feel sublime, and serendipitous. I see Friday not as the end of a week, but rather the gateway to new possibilities and adventures....the beginning of a weekend.


It seems to me the reason Fridays are so wonderful isn't just because it's the end of a long week, even though we all know that's part of it. I admit, usually by the end of the day Friday, I'm actually pretty worn out. It must be that during the day, I anticipate the fact that it's the end of the week, and looking forward to the weekend, so that keeps me energized, but the weeks worth of drudgery has a cumulative effect, and Friday night...I'm beat!


I know I'm not saying anything new. We've been celebrating the "Friday Festival" forever...we have movies that tell the tale of Friday festivities, like "Freaky Friday" "Friday Night Lights”, and I'm sure there's more. We have sayings in acronym form (T.G.I.F.), Restaurants named TGIF, and nightclubs. Finally, there's "My Man Friday." My point is, I still think Friday doesn't get the respect it deserves, because Saturday gets much more attention. I know, I know, everybody LOVES Saturday, and I am not an exception. Saturday has more movies, and sitcoms, and even more revelry.


Saturday is the King Of Days.


Friday, however, is the gate to the King, and contains our hopes, dreams, and what-ifs. Friday gives us the feeling that anything is possible, and time is on our side. With Saturday...well... ya never know. In fact, many Saturdays can be disappointing, because you have so many expectations on Friday that Saturday is almost setting you up to be let down.


I bet if Friday and Saturday were people, they'd hate each other! Then there's Sunday! Sunday is a day of rest, and is a mixed bag of happiness, and melancholy...to close to Monday. If Sunday was a person, it would feel alittle underappreciated, I'm sure. Needless to say, Monday would always be in therapy, because everybody HATES Monday.


So, I give Kudos to you, Friday...You DA MAN!


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