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Why The Immigration thing pisses me off.



May 30




Illegal Immigration Revisited



I know I ‘m beating a dead horse, and I’ve been planning on ranting about this subject again in light of recent protests, but I really had to get my anger in check before I can articulate this subject without spitting angry expletives.


I live in the predominately Hispanic town of Santa Maria, and I am partnered with two Hispanic men, both of whom I respect. This issue has become galvanizing for several reasons but it really comes down to one thing: Race.


It has become a tense subject around the office, and even though we joked about it, the tension is right below the surface. Believe it or not I did not see this subject, as anything other than no persons should be here illegally, period. We are in a war with radical terrorists that hate us, and we need to reevaluate our security. It’s really quite simple if you look at it, but unfortunately we have this complicated issue that has been bubbling at the surface for a very long time. It is because of the need for added security that the immigration issue has come to light, much to the dismay of the Hispanic community. So, to justify the illegal immigration of millions, they protest in the guise of protecting their heritage against racist whites. They marched down the streets, waiving Mexican flags and some even did the despicable act of taking down the American flag, and flying it upside down below the Mexican flag. What amazed me is how no one did anything about it. One thing I will not tolerate and that is anyone disrespecting my country’s flag in my country. Freedom of speech my ass, If I see someone burning my flag or hanging it upside down I’m going to do something about it, even if it means I get my ass kicked. What is even more ironic is that the protests only served to widen the sympathy gap. It proved that these illegals have no intention on assimilating. They are here to make some money and send it back to their beloved Mexico. The racism they have shown has more than outweighed any white racism, and many of the “La Raza” spokesmen will tell you that they have every intention on taking back California.


Here is an article I found that suggests my point:



Many people in southern California have heard this same call by protestors who rally in the streets and are known to assault counter-protestors who peacefully demonstrate against the invasion. Many illegal alien activists openly admit it is their dream to carry out the reconquista of land sold by Mexico to the U.S. and re-annex the land back to Mexico. Surveys consistently show 70% of Mexican citizens believe the U.S. stole the Mexican Cession illegally, when in fact the U.S. bought the land for $18 million after the Mexican-American War. Before World War II, it was customary for the winning nation of a war to demand war reparations, but the U.S. never made such a demand; many historians consider the U.S. purchase to be generous in the context of the 1840's. Local teachers complain that illegal alien parents demand they learn and speak Spanish to their children, and create other forms of animosity by refusing to learn English and coerce government to accept Spanish as a second official language. Illegals have become brazen in making demands for services ordinary American citizens don't receive, such as a substantial reduction in college tuition. Critics often blame our nation's generosity and over-acceptance of all foreigners as being the root of the evil, elicited by the old adage "give'm an inch, they take a mile...".




Now why do I find this ironic? Because, folks, it has nothing to do with property or taking back land. The fact is there is plenty of uninhabited land in Mexico. This is about economics, and being jealous of what America has achieved and where Mexico has fallen flat on its face. It’s amazing that they think the answer to their problems lies in taking back California. Do they think that they would prosper without American ingenuity, leadership and technology? Do they really think they could have a better life in a Mexican state rather than an American state?


I doubt it. It’s just an excuse to justify their illegal entry. I am reminded of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” To summarize, it’s a fictional tale in which all of the great industrialists and innovators decide they have had enough of the “moochers” and thieves and decide to leave America and start their own utopia somewhere else. In short, “What if Atlas Shrugged?” what if the real people that actually make America great, the scientists, business giants, etc. decided they have had enough of the politics, government bullying, and appeasement and just said “I’m done.”




What do you think would happen to America?




Do you really think the Mexican government would make California a better, more productive state? One only need look at the horrifying state of Mexico to figure that one out. After all, why ARE their so many Mexicans coming to America? It’s not for the weather, people, that I can testify. We have higher paying jobs and government welfare. We do not insist that people assimilate: In fact, we propagate the importance of diversity, and cultural awareness, so much so that America is fast losing it’s own identity. I live in a predominately Hispanic community and let me tell you, rather that the fact that the city has been deemed “An All American City” if you were to travel down Main street you would think you were on a vacation in Mexico. Most of the storefronts are in Spanish, and plenty of Mexican flags waiving.




To me, this is what sums up what an immigrant should be: I was in the waiting room of the Honda dealer waiting for my oil to be changed and they had CNN on discussing the Italian Judge Scalia that did that “Italian gesture” to a camera that has many negative connotations. So, the roving reporter set out to talk to Italians on their interpretations of the meaning of this gesture. The reporter cornered an elderly gentlemen and she asked” Excuse me sir, are you Italian?” He thought about this for a few seconds, and replied “I used to be Italian…now I’m an American.”




That, my friends, is how it should be, and why the Mexican illegals are going to fight an uphill battle if they continue to waive their stupid (Yup, I said stupid) Mexican flag and suggest that they want their land back…. be careful, Mexican Nationals…You may get what you wish for, and Atlas may shrug.


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