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IRIP III and More

Wind Dancer


May 9,2006 AM

Looks like a few others are going to chronicle their trip so I figure I might as well do it too.

Don and I are leaving today when he gets home from work in the afternoon.We've already tied the bikes down and packed most of our things.We are hoping to get through the LA traffic and the hottest part of the trip by tonight.We're taking all the dogs and the AC isn't working so if we drive as long as we can and start out early maybe the heat won't be so bad.

This morning on his way to work Don stopped for coffee and dropped back by the house to give me a rose.He wanted to make sure I had a good day and let me know he was looking forward to the trip.I'm excited about going home.I've missed it so much and can't wait to get there.Also seeing everyone at IRIP,new friends and old will be so much fun.See y'all soon!

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Well in typical WD fashion I left without the laptop.Some of the high points of the trip were as follows...


Wed.May 10-After driving all night except for a nap in a rest stop for an hour we get a call in the early AM from Hasbin that he's broke down somewhere outside Shamrock,TX.We're still 150 miles from Albuquerque so we tell him we're headed his way and will see him that day later.About 9 hours or so later we pull in to the shop he's at,switch cam triggers with Don's bike and off he goes!


Thurs.May 11-It's so good to be back in OK,even for a few days!


Sun.May 14-Arrive at Indian Point.People are already starting to arrive.Spend the day meeting up with old and new friends.


Mon.May 15-Rode over to Forsyth,MO to apply for the marriage license.There's a 3 day waiting period,just like when you buy a handgun.Is there some kind of symbolism there??


Wed.May 17-People are pouring in and things are getting busy!


Fri.May 19-Great rides,super concert,best friends.How can it get better?Oh yeah,tomorrow is the Big Day!


Sat.May 20-Wedding Day!! Didn't know it was possible to be so nervous OR so happy.I'm marrying my best friend and the man I've been looking for my whole life.Surrounded by some of our best friends and family we say our vows and another chapter in our lives begins.I love you Don,forever!!


Sun.May 21-People are leaving out but we decide to stay for 1 more day to hang with Don's brother and his fiance.We say our goodbyes to everyone as they take off.This is a sad day but almost every single person says they'll be back next year so we start counting down the days untl then.


Mon.May 22-Back to OK and the dogs.They didn't miss us since they had such a big yard to run in hile we were gone.Time to show Don a few things in my world.I can't wait!


Fri.May 26-Time to head back to CA.I leave OK with much sadness.I tell my dogs there goodbye and pack what I can in the truck and we are off.After a few tears I'm alright.I can't wait to get back though.Somewhere outside Shamrock (is there a Burmuda Triangle there?) our thermostat starts sticking causing us to have to turn off the AC.This is supposed to be the hottest part of the trip and on Fri afternoon of Memorial weekend nobody wants to replace it so we push on.


Sat.May 27-We drive pretty much straight through with a couple hour nap in a rest area.Arrive back after fighting the road constructions,wind,heat and huge traffic jams out of LA.Phone in pizza,shower,eat the pizza and sleep for 12 hours.Welcome back to CA!!!


Counting the days until IRIP IV.Is it May 14,2007 yet?

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