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Great night!



Well, I had an interesting Wednesday night! Normally my Wednesday nights are busy with Game night with the boys, but our clique is disbanded, so I'm free. Tina & I were invited by my friend and fellow Iron Indian Rider Dave and his gal Penny to watch their friend (Sean Wiggins) perform at Mongos in Grover Beach. Now, usually we aren't much for staying out late on a work night, so this was relatively new ground for us, but let me tell ya, we had a blast!

We got there around 7, and the resturant was an "organic food" themed place. Admittedly, this usually scares me but they had some wonderful stuff on the menu! I had the Chef Special Halibut, and Tina had a vegetable melt and both were YUMMY!

Our friends Dave & Penny, as well as Kevin (another IIRA associate) showed up around 7:30, and we hung out, and met miss Wiggins and her guitar palyer Paul. They are from the Valley (San Fernando Valley) and travel up to do various gigs. Very cool peeps, and her voice was absolutely stunning...Kind of a cross between Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow. Very down to earth, and had a few original tunes she played, and some cool cover tunes as well.

My personal highlight is when she asked me to come up on stage and sing "Sweet Home Alabama." Now, I'm no stranger to the Karoake scene, and I've heard Sweet Home Alabama about a million times in my life(who hasn't). However, I was brain freezing. I could NOT remember the lyrics, and unlike Karoake where there's a screen in front of ya, I had NOTHING!! So, I told her this, and she produces the lyrics for me! Very cool.

So, she announces me, and I run up there, crack a few jokes, and we jam.

Again, I'm not bragging, but I nailed the song prettywell. It really helped that she'd sing harmony with me on the "SWEET HOME ALABAMA" parts, and Paul cranked out a very respectable lead solo, but all in all, the crowd was terrific, and sung along and clapped and what a RUSH (yes, Dave, I said RUSH)!!!

Oh, I forgot, I almost got into a fight earlier in the night. Here's what happened: My buddy Kevin has a very expensive Confederate Hellcat Motorcycle. It's a nice custom ride, and gets lots of attention. So, Dave & I are outside having a stoogie, and Dave has his cellphone/camera combo, and I say, "Hey, let's pretend I'm PISSING on Kevin's bike, and we can post it on our Iron Indian Website. Well, Dave thinks it's a hilarious idea, and we walk to the fron, and there are a couple of dudes standing back admiring the bike. So, Dave gets his camera ready, and he says go! So I grab my cellphone (something to grab on to) and put it by my crotch like I'm pissing on the bike, and this little dude (reminded me of "RUDY" ever see the movie? about a little dude that makes the Notre Dame football team) and he starts yellin at me saying "NO, NO, DUDE, YOU CANNOT DO THAT! and he's charging over to me all puffed out, and I tell him "Relax, dude, we know the guy-he's a friend, we're playing a joke" but this dude is not listening and says"I dont' care, dude, you can't do that, so bakc off" and I'm looking at the dude sideways, alittle puzzled, and I say "Dude, I'm NOT really pissing on his bike, see? (show him my dick is really a cellphone) It's a joke were playing-I know the guy, he's inside, relax" and then dthe dude grabs me and starts trying to push me away, so then I go from laughing to getting pissed aned I push him bakc and say "Who the Fuck do you think you are?" and he opens his jacket and it says "security" on it so this light goes on in my head that he's working security for the place and I say "Oh, I get it, you're the bouncer" and he says "No, but I won't let you fuck with this bike." Well, then I realize he's just some drunk asshole, and I really go off and tell him"Dude, this is none of your business, so I suggest you get the hell out of my face" and he says to me "Do you even ride a bike?" and I laugh at him at this point and say "Yes, I do." and he says,"well, you park it right next to this bike, then you can do that." to whioch I tell him "you better lighten up, dude, or this is gonna get real ugly real fast." and he stares at me, and says "Ya knwo what? Fine, You can shit on the bike for all I care!" and he storms off.

I look back at Dave who is just cracking up at this whole scene, and he says 'I had my camera poised the whole time so when you smacked him I'd get a picture." Well, we laughed pretty hard, and the dudes buddy comes up and says"Hey, it's cool, man, we thought you were fucking with this bike, and didn't knwo you knew him" and I look at him and say "Well, whatever, I explained it once, you need to control your drunk buddy" and he nods and says "it's cool" and walks off.

We had a giggle, and I'm expecting Dave to post that damn picture...I f he does, I'll attach it to this story.

What a long, strange trip it's been!


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