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The Squaw Magnet is Back in the Barn



Took the Squaw Magnet out of the U-Haul Magnet yesterday and put it back in its storage space. Must have done a decent job of securing it as it survived the dirt and gravel roads of British Columbia without damage. Now the job of reassembling and reinstalling the engine begins. The bottom end is complete so all I have to do is install the new pistons and put the jugs, cylinders and rocker boxes back on. I was quite impressed that my mechanic in Sutton (pronounced Stuck In), AK managed to remove the engine from the bike without removing either the sidecar or the gas tanks but I think I'll be removing the tanks before attempting reinstallation. Still not sure what caused the studs to pull out of the case but I strongly suspect that the engine that IMC gave me a year and a half ago was not new, as they claimed, but was, instead, a factory refurbished engine. I base this on the fact that when I removed the head from the rear cylinder I discovered that the gasket used on the rocker box was not the same type as the gaskets used on the front cylinder. This being the case, I surmise that this must have been an engine that was returned to the factory with damage to the rear cylinder where it was subsequently rebuilt. Possibly the rear studs were overtorqued during this rebuild. Possibly they were weakened when whatever caused the engine to be returned occured. It's also possible that they were weakened when my push rod exploded. Who knows? The case now has keyserts for the studs both front and rear and the jugs have been bored out 20 over for the new pistons. I still have to pick up a set of studs and one lifter but, other than that, it's ready for reassembly. After all the Squaw Magnet went through, I'm just glad to have it back home again.


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