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The Squaw Magnet in the OC



Rode down to Irvine today from Pismo Beach. It was overcast and cool on the coast but beautiful inland. I had a slight tail wind from about Santa Barbara on so I made good time. As opposed to yesterday where I had a head wind to around Salinas when it started raining for about 100 miles. Stopped for lunch in Kings City and I was chilled to the bone. It never occured to me to put on my cold weather gear in the middle of August so the rain took me completely by surprise. Changed into the warmer gear after lunch and was comfortable the rest of the way to Pismo. Called Bling Bling, Blackdog and kcchief when I got there. Had to leave messages for all three. kcchief was the first to return my call. He was about 20 miles away in Santa Maria and said he'd be there in a little while. Bling Bling called next. He was busy moving into a new house and didn't think he could make it for dinner. Our connection died, though, before I confirmed this and, when I returned from dinner, his business card was on my windshield. Sorry I missed you Kevin. Good luck with the new house. kcchief and his wife showed up at my motel room (wish he'd told me he was bringing the misses as I answered the door in my boxer shorts) and we piled into his truck and headed to downtown Pismo for dinner. Had a great meal at the Cracked Crab (thanks again, Keith). Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Keith and his wife. Hope we can do some riding together some day (I'll make sure the sidecar's got room for your wife). Blackdog was the last to return my phone message. He called at about 7:15 this morning. We agreed to meet at a coffee shop within walking distance to my motel at 7:30. Dave showed up right as I did although I didn't recognize him until he waved at me as I had been expecting him to ride his 02 Chief. Instead, he pulled up on a Suzuki Bandit. We ordered coffee, sat down and talked for about an hour until he had to go to work. He said the Indian currently has a cracked inner primary that's leaking pretty good so he's not riding it until he gets it fixed. Says he's perfectly happy with the Suzuki. Of interest, he also told me that he fried his Malfa rebuilt PP100 so, apparently, it is possible. Something about a cavitating oil pump, I'm not really sure. Anyway, his Indian warranty insurance covered the Malfa re-rebuild so he was happy.


I'm in Irvine now and I'll be heading over to Fugdbdt's house for dinner a little later (don't forget the cigars, Danny). Tomorrow, I'll be at the happiest place on earth (at least that's what they tell me). Then, I head for Vegas on Thursday. The bike has been running very nicely. The only problems I've had so far are that I still have a small tranny leak at the housing cover and my taillight is dead. I'll take a look at both when I get the chance but neither is an impediment at this point.


Don't know if I'll get a chance to post again before I leave California but I'm guessing that internet access will be available when I get to Vegas. Talk to you later.


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