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Riding and wrenching

Wind Dancer


This weekend the weather was beautiful.I had been anticipating trying to ride again.Everything was set to head out for breakfast and if I was up to it we were going to meet up with some other Indian riders before the veiwing of The World's Fastest Indian about an hour from home.

I got out to the garage and wiped the bike down.Pushed it outside and went to start it up.The battery was weak.I had Don and a friend push me to try to start it but ended up flooded.I pushed it back to the driveway and we switched batteries with Don's Spirit.This only gave me juice but still no start.After a couple of loud backfires I was too tired and sore to do anything more.I told the guys I'd follow them in the car to go eat.On the way I decided to stop and pick up some spark plugs and see if that would help.After eating and sending them off for the ride I went home and replaced the plugs which were fouled.Fired right off on the first try.I put on the helmet and took a ride around town.It felt so good to get back on and ride!

The next day we headed off down a road through a canyon with great views.I had been that way before but forgot how rough the road is.I soon learned what my Doctor meant when he said "slow and easy for a while".I felt every bump in the road.By the time we stopped at the end of the road I was so sore I didn't know if I could get back out or not.I went very slow and tried to avoid most of the bigger bumps and ended up riding around on the city streets awhile before going home.

I can't wait to get out again and go,but for a few more trips I'm sticking to the smoother streets of town!


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It is good to see you doing so well, Wind Dancer.

Enjoyed the story it is like getting a small look into your life.



God Bless,


Arthur, TLIR

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