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#680225 No Indian For You

Posted by Airpirate on 10 May 2015 - 01:09 AM

Had to go down to the city today to pick out some granite slabs ( re doing the kitchen and bathrooms for the Mrs). Stopped in the Indian dealer for the first time .

Wife and I walk in ( she's more excited then me) and says " hey a Dark Horse, you should sit on it, wow a two tone Vintage I like the mint and cream check this one out ".
As we walk toward the two tone Vintage the fat bastard sales guy walks over and plants his fat ass on the bike , he them talks a bit about how Polaris can't keep up with the demand and the old Kings Mountain bikes were more expensive and not as good as the new bikes. I asked him about custom paint and he replied they don't do it there but knows two shops but they expensive , I said I like the bike and would like a warbonnet or Indian script on the tank and showed him a picture of my Spingfield script , he then switched gears about how the Gilroy bikes were just cobbled together out of Harley parts including the S&S engines and they bolted on cool fenders
He then walked away without ever asking me about any interest , must have been my trademark torn Wranglers, beat up Cowboy boots and hat ( it is raining here today).
I WAS thinking of adding a Dark Horse or a Vintage and could have wrote a check for any bike there, I'm thinking I'll ride the cobbled Harley for a while :)
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#661392 I Am In Love With Another Girl And My Wife Approves

Posted by Micmac on 17 November 2014 - 12:17 AM

My Granddaughter, Cecilia Rose (CeeCee).IMG_0002_zpsc2fc4862.jpg

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#668742 Owing It All To Gilroy

Posted by KenB on 26 January 2015 - 11:42 PM

An editorial for our next Rocky Mountain IMRG newsletter.  Thought I'd run it up the flagpole here to see if anyone shoots at it.




Opinion: We owe it all to Gilroy.


In our last Rocky Mountain IMRG meeting we finished up with the Indian Motorcycle History presentations. Presentations such as those will continue for the time being anyway, with future subjects being Burt Munro, Hollister-1947, Planning for a long motorcycle trip, and motorcycle maintenance, to name a few.


Before putting the history of Indian Motorcycle completely in our rear view mirror, I think it’s important to take a moment to appreciate one of the less talked about milestones. Specifically, I would like to mention the crucial importance of the Gilroy Indian Era.


As was mentioned in the presentation, after the factory closed in 1953 there remained keen desire to resurrect Indian Motorcycles and make them available to the public again. The iconic brand actually became more popular in spite of all the scandals and false starts.


What held the brand back for over four decades was the question of who owned the rights to the Indian intellectual property (IP). Without definitive proof of ownership of the Indian IP, the financing necessary to start up a new company was nearly impossible to get. From our history presentations you know that there were customers willing and even anxious to purchase a new era Indian motorcycle, but the uncertainty of ownership kept that from happening.


It was actually the rush among some to start up Indian again that caused the problem.  Multiple startup companies, none of which had clear title to the IP but claimed they did anyway, caused the split in ownership that delayed Indian’s return to the market.


The fight over the IP coalesced in the mid 1990’s with the court battle between the Eller Group and Audax. With the victory of Audax, all the patents and trademarks were finally legally owned by one company. Everything was in one place, and the company could finally move forward.


The flaw within the Gilroy Indian startup was twofold; first the financing was weak and heavily constrained, and second was that those backing the company wanted instant profitability and success. Most new businesses aren’t actually profitable until about the three year mark, and the Gilroy operation really didn’t have even that long.


Additionally there were constrains on the finances that prevented slow steady growth built on a strong foundation. Due to milestone constraints built into the financing, the motorcycle engineering and design which is the foundation of the company, was flawed.  Building a company on a defective foundation is a recipe for disaster.


When the three year mark was reached the company was struggling under the weight of warranty and overhead costs. If the financing could have been extended a year or two longer I believe that Gilroy Indian would be a strong and viable company today.


The Gilroy Indian era remains significant because these were the first new Indian motorcycles to roll off the assembly line in 46 years. This brought Indian back into the forefront of the consumer’s consciousness. We could finally buy new Indians, and we did so even though we knew that the bikes were defective. We bought them because we love Indians and because we wanted to be a part of the dawn of Indian’s return.


Even after short sided investors closed the factory in 2003, and no dealerships remained, those Indian owners kept their bikes and rode them proudly. “We don’t need no stinking dealers, and we don’t need no stinking factory either”, became their war cry. But even in those dark times and even though things seemed uncertain, the future of Indian was actually assured.


The Indian brand, if not the motorcycle itself, had proven itself profitable. That there was a market for these beautiful machines was now certain. All that was needed was the right owner with the foresight to see the brand through to profitability.


After the Gilroy Indian factory closed, rumor had it that Polaris was one of the interested parties in purchasing the intellectual property. At that time though Polaris was banking on their Victory brand to go head to head and possibly knock Harley-Davidson from their top spot in the sale of heavy cruiser motorcycles.


It’s my opinion that Polaris did not purchase the Indian IP because they believed their Victory brand would succeed. As it turned out, they were wrong about that. Victory became a niche brand and never made major inroads into the American cruiser motorcycle market because it lacks the history and culture to do so.


Stellican Ltd. then stepped in and purchased the Indian IP; they fixed the engineering issues with the motorcycle design, and kept the brand alive until Polaris realized their error and purchased the IP from Stellican.


Regardless of the veracity of the Polaris rumor, the Indian brand was resurrected during the Gilroy era, and kept alive during the Kings Mountain era. Without these two major milestones, it’s my belief that there would be no new Indian motorcycles available to us today.


In the opinion of many Gilroy and Kings Mountain Era Indian owners, Polaris is attempting to forget these important eras of Indian history. These days many of the new Indian dealers won’t service or work on any of the Indian motorcycles made prior to 2014. This leaves the owners of Gilroy and Kings Mountain Indians feeling ignored and marginalized.


Yet had the Indian IP not been unified, had there been no new Indians built, had there been no public fervor stirred up, an Indian motorcycle company would not exist today.


If we ignore our past, we forget ourselves.


There often seems a compulsion to re-write history. Historians tend to gloss over or marginalize what they feel are negative events and highlight only the positive. In my opinion the new Indian owners want to forget the Gilroy era because those bikes were known to be of low quality. It almost seems they consider the Gilroy and KM eras to be a stain on the Indian brand, and so they want to pretend that it never existed.


Ignoring our past is like forgetting who our parents were; the people who brought us into this world and made us who we are. Yes, more than likely they were flawed human beings and they made mistakes, sometimes bad ones. But every lesson taught should be a lesson learned, and if we forget the lessons we didn’t like we will at best only learn half as much.


The next time you see a Gilroy Indian on the road, even if it’s leaking oil and not running well, try to appreciate that that old motorcycle made the shiny new Indian you ride possible. If you have the opportunity, give a word of thanks.

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#673089 Specteur

Posted by Micmac on 05 March 2015 - 04:10 PM

Is a true brother. Ms. Micmac and I are here in Montreal. Specteur and his lady drove us to Quebec City to the beautiful new dealership in a fucking blizzard (normal for here). It was about a 300 mile round trip, he would not take a penny for gas. The majority of people on this forum are wonderful people. I am glad I got to meet him. He is riding the Blue Ridge Parkway this spring, and I hope I get to return the favor. I wanted to say thank you publicly Mon Ami!

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#705002 More Bad News From The Music Industry

Posted by Airpirate on 22 April 2016 - 04:41 AM

Kanye West has just been found alive in his apartment
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#687191 Just Wonderin' Why........

Posted by Brock on 21 July 2015 - 01:28 PM

Yep, he is not embarrassing GOP...they did it enough themselves.  He is saying what everyone in America voted for in the Congressional and Senate elections last year....


As for his statement about John McCain....who cares?  Did he say something insensitive...yes.  Is it the end of the world...no!   Plus it was taken out of context a little from the entire clip I listened to as McCain insulted all the Arizona supporters of Trump that want their border secured...McCain called them crazies or some shit.   Trump was asked if he liked McCain and he said he like guys that did NOT get captured...yeah it was a jab at McCain....but who cares.  Chris Rock said the same fucking thing during the elections when McCain was running for President...as did Al Franken.  Nobody got ass hurt when they said it about McCain.


Yes, McCain is labeled a hero...but what Trump said was correct.  Show me where it is not!  We label those that are captured and made POWs as heros.....the chick from Desert Storm that got captured (Jessica Lynch??) was labeled a hero.  Now did she do anything heroic prior to capture...not from accounts I read.  So while insensitive and brash and rude....nothing he said was slanderous.  I am a vet...I have people I served with that were prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton and were part of my squadron.  I had utmost respect for the man and what he went through while there for many many years.....   As for McCain....that is the only thing personally I like about him...is his military service.  He is a RINO in all other regards...waffles left to right almost as much as Lindsey Graham....has done little to nothing to secure AZ border himself...and is leader of group that provides oversight to Veterans Administration which is a shambles.


Yep it was brutal, and possibly uncalled for...... but why is everyone giving Trump so much shit when the exact same words were uttered by Chris Rock and everyone fucking laughed.....and Al Franken said similar thing with no fan fair.


Trump is someone that does not give a shit about politics....is anti-establishment....and is staying true to his base of people that support the US Constitution, want our borders secured and stop the flow of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, to keep our military strong, and to take care of our veterans and to be decisive and stand for something.


The same thing can be said for Bernie Sanders....and likely reason he is doing so well against Mrs. Hillary "Laws dont apply to me" Clinton and Mallory.  Dems are just as fucked up....   Look at when Mallary says ALL LIVES MATTER and gets boooed off stage...what kind of shit is that.  Is caring for EVERYONE unpopular now?


I say get over it...McCain did not want an apology.....and the media and GOP is making an issue as he threatens them and their good ol boy handshakes.


Hell, Trump gave millions of dollars to McCain when he was running for President...Trump just took McCains jab at his supporters personally....   I might have done the same.  Best way to get someone to shut up or get their attention sometimes is to be brutally honest and jab them where it hurts.


Everybody needs to take out their tampons and get over it.  We should be MORE ashamed and shocked that Obama has not made any overtures to families of the 5 fallen veterans from the terrorist attack in Chattanooga.....that the flag was NOT put at halfmast but he did it for fucking Whitney Houston!!  Fuck him!!!!!!!



I dont see Donald steppin on his dick....hell Hillary has been stepping on her own COCK left and right and where is the cry....roping reporters, telling students they are forbidden to talk to press about her campaign, emails, benghazi.....anyone should be ashamed and running the opposite direction it should be the whiny left wingers. LOL

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#685807 The Confederate And U.s. Flag

Posted by Brock on 06 July 2015 - 02:56 PM

Some of these so called pillars need to get their head out of their asses...


The United States did not start slavery....it has been happening in the world since the time of man.  Does he want to also tear down the pyramids as they are the LARGEST monuments built by slaves in the world and who were believed to have been enslaved for hundreds of years...somewhere over 400 years actually by most accounts.  Lets not forget all the slaves captured and forced into service by the followers of Islam during the previous Caliphates and the Ottoman Empire.....and how they built their trade routes and conquered most of the known world with this slave force used in military arenas as well.


The period of slavery in America totaled about 88 years....from beginning to end including the emancipation....but the continued acts of taking slaves by warring Native American tribes continued for a few years though African slaves were all freed.  So the 88 years includes the slave trade among the native americans as well.  Then it was gone....  while still FLOURISHING elsewhere in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


Lets also talk about indentured servants and slaves used to build rail roads and work in factories of Chinese and Irish descent.  My own ancestors were indentured servants....when they first came over to the colonies.  Hell the first true slave owner in America was a black man....Mr. Anthony Johnson came over as a free man and had other black indentured servants working for him.  One of them was due to be released and Mr. Johnson refused and said he was extending his contract against his will.  The person went to work for pay for a free white man that had a neighboring farm.  It went to court and Mr. Johnson sued the white farmer and won the return of the servant becoming the first person to forcibly hold another human against his will for labor or monetary gain in the United States...and also first one to hold a person of the same race against their will.  Hence it started and was perpetuated as time went on...


USA has one of the shortest...if not THE SHORTEST history with organized slavery in the world.....and was the first to emancipate slaves if I am not mistaken as a country.  If you read the liberal bias and propaganda you would think USA was the ONLY COUNTRY in the world to have slaves in its history...and was still supporting slavery over 150 years later after emancipation.  Every black person in America is NOT descended from slaves just like every white person is not descended from slave owners.  Many millions have immigrated legally to the United States since the Emancipation so to give preference to one race or punish another based solely on color of skin is ridiculous....especially when slave trading is still rampant in the African continent and in Middle East especially....and lesser in Asia and South America.  Women, children, men....all are falling prey to slave traders of some type whether forced labor in mines, industrial support or sex trades....slavery is alive and well but you would think it was ONLY in the United States by some of the hate and vilifying comments being espoused by so many.


I just wish if these people really hate what America stands for....hate that our Constitution and Declaration of Independence were based on Judeo-Christian beliefs....that we are a country of racists, bigots, and abusers.......that they leave this country and move to Mexico, Canada, or some other country in Europe, Africa or Asia.  Please leave......and take your hatred to another country that shares your beliefs both political and religious.


The battle flag in contention today was not a image of slavery...it was a flag for a portion of the southern military forces they carried in battle.  After the conclusion of the Civil War it was a source of pride for Southern roots, history, traditional values, pride in being southern.  After being beat down and prevented from owning firearms after the War.....pride, heritage and tradition were about all we had down here as we rebuilt after the murderous march of Sherman.  Let us wipe his fucking image off the face of the earth for a start.....  Anyhow.....while it may have been hijacked by a couple organizations over the years as a symbol of hate...to the large majority of southerners it is not a symbol of hate.  It is a symbol of heritage...  Going to school and growing up nobody I knew that had a Confederate Battle Flag on their vehicle, house, yard or wall said it represented wanting to go back and enslave a specific race.  NOBODY!!!!!!!!  Hundreds of people...maybe thousands I have met or had contact with...nobody said that.  It was all a matter of pride...of being born and raised in the south.  Our values and traditions were and still are much different than those in other parts of country except maybe midwest.  Hunting, farming, trapping, family, religion, self-reliance, perseverance, and digging ourselves out of the black hole of a devastated landscape after the war between the states...to a thriving economy once again is a source of great pride.  We help our neighbors...we respect our elders....we go to church or at least believe in God for most part and our handshake means something.  That has been watered down and diffused with the huge influx of people from other parts of the country moving and permanently relocating to the South for our values and quality of life.....but then they started trying to impose the same crap they left in the North and implement it down here.


I find it amazing we can have Irish pride, Black pride, Native pride, German pride, Asian pride, Gay pride.....but if you are southern and want to show pride you are a racist.  If you are also Christian and Southern then if you listen to the media you are the great Satan!   No other group of people are so vilified by the media as the southern white christian male.....     You don't erase history just because you are ashamed or dont like that it occurred....unlike Ben Affleck trying to hide that ancestors were slave owners.  Hell, you have no responsibility for what your ancestors may or may not have done....just like others have no claims on what may or may not have happened to their ancestors.


Our country is being torn apart by a vocal minority...the liberal-socialist-atheist agenda.  A very minute and inconsequential number of people raising hell and getting noticed when by and large I would bet that majority of country does not care.  We are letting political agendas and special interest rule and change our country in the name of political correctness.  The sooner people realize you DO NOT have the right to not be offended....you DO NOT have the right to erase traditions and history and pride in any group just because it benefits you personally....and you DO NOT automatically have the right to become a US Citizen just because you jumped a wall, swam a river or made it into the country illegally. Stand in line, fill out the paperwork like every other person in the world is required...and then and only then will I give a shit about you!!!!!

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#652621 She Was My Gurl

Posted by hasbin on 07 September 2014 - 03:35 AM

As many know I had to send my 14 y/o Rotty to heaven on 7/7/14, she was more than a dog that protected my house & property & my family, she was FAMILY and went on every motorhome, dirt bike, boating & watercraft trip (she rode on the Sea-Doo with me) we went on for 13 years (I adopted her @ 8 months old) I have had many dogs & none have ever hurt me like this loss, I havbin a phuking mess for 2 months now and my daughters figured it was time for a change.

Enter Miss Maddie a 14 month old Rotty that came out off a Rescue, she was a little hyper today when she arrived for the "house check" and didn't know what all this big yard & grass stuff was about, she since has calmed down & has found "her spot" in front of the door so she can let all know that there is a "bad-ass" back in the house, she is a little thin at this point (75lbs.) but should tip the scales around 90-100lbs.

Please forgive my ramblings, but I needed to finally put into words how much I miss "my gurl" I don't expect Maddie to fill the void, if she is half the dog Sadie was, she will be a great companion & friend.

Thanks for reading
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#616462 Open Letter On The I I R A Family

Posted by TallRider on 22 March 2014 - 03:00 AM

Many of us have read Dr. Mark's posts about Old Chief, and many have expressed concern, support, and are now making contributions via PayPal to help financially.


It was just over a year ago when I was going in for an angiogram and we thought either stents or additional surgery would be needed.  Hasbin offered his support and kept in touch via text with Valerie throughout the procedure - and other than reading his posts, hasbin and I had never met.  But that didn't matter; he was there to offer his help and support.


Now I can pay it forward for someone I've never met, and although it might not be much - collectively what we do will make a difference.  This is what makes the IIRA more than just a rider's group - it's a family.  For all our differences, we take care of our own. 


There but for the grace of God go most of us . . . 



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#701151 So, What Do You Think? Is It The New 'springfield'

Posted by Last Resort on 10 February 2016 - 02:40 AM


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#687367 1% Saved My Ass To Day

Posted by glassguy2 on 23 July 2015 - 12:52 AM

mechanic changed defective tire ,installed rear rotor  ,installed new switch and changed oil today ,about 75 miles from me in the country ,riding home in the middle of nowhere smoke everywhere ,oil everywhere , damn , i stopped in the nick of time ,oil tank empty ,no cell service ,no police came by ,no cages would stop ,i am screwed no house either way for miles ,after 45 minutes or so i hear a v twin , a gang member and wife from georgia stopped ,whew , he checked my bike  , and said i will go call your wrentch when i get service , i was thanking him and he said never break rule 1 ,never leave a brother stranded ,no matter what , he did exactly what he said and was the nicest folks i  ever met ,wont say the gang name but is a major player ,i didnt even get their names but who ever in georgia thank you !!!!! it was a filter for twin cam instead of evo ,just a mistake . mechanic picked me up with trailer and all is good tonite ,thank you 1 % 

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#685665 Happy Birthday America, Happy Birthday Iron Indian Riders

Posted by FiremanDave on 04 July 2015 - 03:26 PM

May the road go on forever,  may you always find your way home, and may the freedom you feel today be an inspiration to those that follow.

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#683978 Just Sayin

Posted by Airpirate on 18 June 2015 - 05:25 AM

You know you probably shouldn't post when you been drinking whiskey, wife took me out for a great steak a bottle of Silver Oak and a friend gave a bottle of Rye that only produced 100 bottles, I got one, pretty good stuff.

Today I walked this earth for 54 years, been a lot of places around the globe , some great, others not so much, like most I have lost friends along the way and will ways think of them , I have done some wild and impossible things that I shouldn't have and cheated death a number of times ( sometimes looking up at a medic) Winston Churchill said " there's is nothing more excelurating that being shot at and missed "

I already said too much but just wanted to say you guys ROCK! I never met most of you in person but I'm proud to know you , rude safe and grow old
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#654455 Right To Free Speech

Posted by Dr. Mark on 19 September 2014 - 01:23 AM

It seems like every time I turn around, some idiot on Facebook, TV, or some internet venue is screeching about someone getting muzzled, or fired, or reprimanded, or in the case of sports leagues, fined or suspended,  over something they did, or said, and bloviating about their 'Right to Free speech' having been violated. 


The latest was some complete imbecile on one of the college football websites actually arguing that FSU was in the wrong for disciplining that tool Jameis "Crablegs" Winston for standing on a table in the student union and yelling "Fuck her right in the pussy!'. (If you call being benched for a whole half a football game "discipline", that is, I guess.) Said they were wrong to "violate his right to free speech".


Now, we can debate the wisdom of this halfwit WInston, who really, probably should not be standing on a table in the union yelling something like this, given that he has a very shady past, including a rape allegation that was (IMO) very poorly handled by the authorities and the university both.

But the idea that protected speech is included in allowing a student to stand on a table in the most public area of the university and yell something that might be considered profoundly offensive by some of the people nearby...is ludicrous, to say the least.


So, anyway, I found this. 


It is probably one of the best, most succinct, correct and funniest explanations of the right to free speech I have found. 









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#716475 Trump

Posted by KenB on 17 February 2017 - 04:30 PM

Actually I think Trump is doing a great job so far. That fact that so many politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are working against him, AND the media is hell bent to destroy him, is a good indication of how deep the corruption goes in our government and our society, and also it shows that we elected the right guy.

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#704183 I Want To Thank You

Posted by glassguy2 on 03 April 2016 - 12:23 AM

i want to thank everyone of my brothers and sisters on here  for the prayers and thoughts for the passing of my best friend and wife Terrie .i have always been treated with more respect and honesty from here than my own family .its lonely and i despise it but nothing i can do. if anyone here ever needs my help or a shoulder to lean on i will be here for any of you . thank you - glassguy (Tracy Burton)  as Terrie always said  lets ride . .cancer sucks

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#683062 On Death And Dying

Posted by badndn on 09 June 2015 - 01:49 PM

Great poem by your Dad. Very true words.  I don't think most of us really understand the brevity and the how fragile life is until up in our 40s.  Some earlier, some later, some never at all. At 40, both my parents and my wife's parents were still alive, I'm 55 now and they are all gone and we had a  close call with my wife Donna. Losing a parent makes you stop and take measure.  What really made me understand was Donna's cancer back in 2000. All that "working" I was doing, all that "stuff" I had accumulated meant absolutely nothing without her. My outlook on life changed 180 degrees while she lay on an operating table for surgery to remove the cancer.  They had sent some lymph node biopsies to the lab to be checked for cancer cells. The Doctor came out and told me what they were doing and said some looked "abnormal". To "brace myself".  Said we should know something within the hour. I went out into the stairwell and had a talk with the man upstairs. Made a lot of promises. The results came back negative. That was 15 years ago. What seemed like a terrible thing at the time, turned out to be a gift. I no longer take a day for granted. I work a lot less, and do what I enjoy.  I spend time with my family and friends. It's hard to stay focused on this sometimes, but if I ever find myself taking life for granted, I just think back to that day in the stairwell.

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#681158 No Indian For You

Posted by insaneindian on 19 May 2015 - 01:11 AM

Had to go down to the city today to pick out some granite slabs ( re doing the kitchen and bathrooms for the Mrs). Stopped in the Indian dealer for the first time .

Wife and I walk in ( she's more excited then me) and says " hey a Dark Horse, you should sit on it, wow a two tone Vintage I like the mint and cream check this one out ".
As we walk toward the two tone Vintage the fat bastard sales guy walks over and plants his fat ass on the bike , he them talks a bit about how Polaris can't keep up with the demand and the old Kings Mountain bikes were more expensive and not as good as the new bikes. I asked him about custom paint and he replied they don't do it there but knows two shops but they expensive , I said I like the bike and would like a warbonnet or Indian script on the tank and showed him a picture of my Spingfield script , he then switched gears about how the Gilroy bikes were just cobbled together out of Harley parts including the S&S engines and they bolted on cool fenders
He then walked away without ever asking me about any interest , must have been my trademark torn Wranglers, beat up Cowboy boots and hat ( it is raining here today).
I WAS thinking of adding a Dark Horse or a Vintage and could have wrote a check for any bike there, I'm thinking I'll ride the cobbled Harley for a while :)

I hate shit like this and am truly disappointed! I would be the first to admit that we are very far from being perfect or flawless, but we sure love/worship this brand and the people that ride them. We ship everywhere...



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#668648 Back In The Saddle

Posted by hasbin on 26 January 2015 - 02:31 AM

After a little repair ( cam, lifterz & cables) & two bouts with the FLU the wife and I were able to get about 400 miles in this weekend (just got back) First thing is, I had forgotten just how much I love the EVL-5005, it in my opinion is the best cam for the PP-100 it pulls like a tractor & we got 37-40mpg for the trip (2-up & packed) We mostly spent  this ride on the back roads of Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties stopping @ many little winery's that are waaay off the beaten track & a stop at Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. to hang with our own TitanChief while he played there. Rode a spell with him and his lovely wife a bit today Garlicks & Wal-marts getting along on the same ride ? Who would have thunk-it ??


Honda-Davidson can have the naming rights to whatever they want (I couldn't care less)  I will take a nice ride with my Indian brothers any day of the week, be it Springfield, Garlick, KM or Wal-Mart :moped:  :moped:  



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#622036 Iira

Posted by hasbin on 14 April 2014 - 04:06 AM

I had a rear tyre go flat @ 75mph in fast lane on HWY 101 in Santa Barbara, we were 3-up, me myself & my wife, the chick from RSA (in Canada) asks my wife "which" one of the 4 tyre's went flat ? & do you know where your spare is?? :rotfl:  :rotfl: I was chatting with the cool CHP that had just run a traffic break so I could get the Chief from the lil 5' patch of tarmac in the Centre divider over to the right side where there is an emergency lane, RSA driver showed-up in about 45min. (not bad) He took me the 50 free miles where Maldev met us with the INDIAN-hauler for the last 50 miles home.... Only 800 miles on that new tyre & it's shredded.


IIRA is worth every penny, NOT for the RSA, for the many people that will drop everything & drive however long it takes to help, whether you have a flat tire in California, a rod bearing gone bad in Virginny or a lifter shit the bed in Tejas.  BY THE RIDERZ / FOR THE RIDERZ

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